HTML5 Canvas is an exciting new browser capability that allows the display of text, objects, images, video and animation on designated areas of a web page, all without the use of additional plug-ins. Canvas areas are specified using the HTML <canvas> tag and JavaScript is used to control the Canvas area display. 

This book covers all the basics needed to design and develop your own Canvas displays.



Please note: clicking on a link below will download the example code to your computer. You can then click the downloaded file to access the example web page.  There are also links to view the examples directly on a web page.  The numbers indicate the book chapter and code listing.  The book contains detailed explanations and tutorials for each example.


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Table of Contents Summary


Part I: Looking at Canvas

  • Chapter 1: A Quick Glimpse Behind the Canvas

  • Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Canvas Platform

Part II: Drawing on Canvas 

  • Chapter 3: Creating Objects

  • Chapter 4: Enhancing Objects

  • Chapter 5: Transforming Objects

  • Chapter 6: Moving Objects

Part III: Breathing Life into Your Canvas 

  • Chapter 7: Mastering the Art of Canvas

  • Chapter 8: Introducing User Interaction

  • Chapter 9: Creating Engaging Imagery and Motion

  • Chapter 10: Sounding Off with Audio

Part IV: Developing More Complex Applications 

  • Chapter 11: Grabbing Attention with Video

  • Chapter 12: Enhancing Canvas Applications

  • Chapter BC: Gaming on Canvas (Bonus Chapter Download)

Part V: The Part of Tens 

  • Chapter 13: Ten Great Canvas Applications

  • Chapter 14: Ten Great Tools